Monday, February 20, 2017


I am going to get back to the blogging side of life and commit to regular blogs about something that pertains to Rocklin Hydraulics service and products. We have always worked hard to give the very best service possible at ROCKLIN HYDRAULICS, and now we are trying to offer that same brand of excellence and professionalism at with all of our products.

I believe we have achieved all that with our cap and plug kits, which are the best on the internet.  Let me point out some of the things that are important to us.

1.  The little insert in the cap of the flat face and metric caps, has to be integrated into the cap.  In other words, it will not fall out.  We have worked with our suppliers to insure this step for all our caps.

2.  The compartmented boxes are a translucent polypropylene we get from Flambeau Inc. and we feel are the highest quality available.

3.  We laser engrave the size on the JIC and FLAT FACE kits for easy identification.  Everything is done in house.

4.  We include a paper insert in the lid of the box that shows all the specifications of the caps and plugs and even the torque recommendations of each size.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We receive a lot of calls asking if we handle “Aeroquip” hose; what folks are really asking is if we carry 100R5 hose. The R5 hose is the textile covered hose that is assembled with reusable fittings to allow the hose to be repaired in the field when necessary. I think the confusion factor is the difference between type AI and type AII hose and fittings. Type AI is found as original equipment on most trucks and is generally replaced with type AII hose. The AI hose and the fittings are still available; however, they are not very popular. Assembly of the AI fitting uses a mandrel for assembly, whereas the AII does not. I know, the AI can be assembled without the use of a mandrel, however, you run the risk of cutting, or skiving the inside of the hose, the liner. The fittings on the type AI hose, although they are reusable, will not work on the type AII hose, and vise-a-versa. The AI and the AII markings can be found on the socket of the fitting and on the lay line on the hose. Another difference to be noted is the O.D. of the AI hose is smaller than the O.D. of the AII hose.

The two examples below show the differences. The fitting on the left is the AI and as you can see it does not have hex nut H1, also the tail of the fitting is shorter. It stops just before the end of the socket, whereas the AII tail extends out past the socket. The AII is a non-mandrel type fitting and the most popular.

The AII hose has a higher pressure rating and is useable for a larger variety of fluids that the AI and that is why the type AII is the most popular with hose shops around the country. It does everything the AI does and more